The Home Security System for your Web3 Community

Shield enables web3 communities to grow safely and securely.

Secure your community in minutes, for free.


users secured across 150+ communities and DAOs

Popular Scams Flagged by Shield

Wallet drainers

Shield simulates transactions and signature requests, confirming the outcome before user interaction.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attempts are increasingly detected by Shield, combining live analysis and databases.

Server compromises

Even a compromised Discord admin cannot escape Shield's reach. Security makes no exceptions.

Web3 Scam Prevention

24/7 monitoring & alerts for scams and compromises.

Predictive detection with artificial intelligence models trained on 25+ network variables.

Want to enable links? Shield’s got your back.

Instant Security for your Community

It takes 2 minutes to set up Shield.

Most updates are automatic, requiring no action on your end.

More features soon to be released.


Integrate Shield for free and enhance your coverage with an affordable Pro plan.


$0 /month

24/7 monitoring for phishing links

Bot & impersonator removal

Smart Contract/Link simulation scanner

Trending scam reporting


$10 /month

Server Scammer DM Detection

Admin Security Customizations

Trending Safe NFT Mint Feed

Spend less time on scammers.

Spend more time creating engagement.

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